About Our Guards

YE-SIZWE Security Services adopts the policy of contract labour and recruitment. Literacy is a prerequisite and prior to employment every potential employee is subjected to a thorough interview to ensure suitability in terms of intelligence, bearing and appearance. Suitable candidates are then criminally and politically vetted by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. People are employed only once all previous work references have been checked. In the event of guard absenteeism, a suitable replacement is selected from our reserve force and on site training is performed by our team of area supervisors. Finally, the supervisors themselves are checked by the management to ensure that the highest service standards are complied with at all times.

Control Center

Control Room – 073 728 5092 We operate a 24/7 Hour Communication Control Room, fully equipped with electronic monitoring. We have two-way radio equipment linked to each security officer and supervisory, management and client support vehicle. This ensures efficient and prompt reaction to any problem or emergency that may arise. The Control Center is the …

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PARADING AND POSTING: Guards are paraded and inspected prior to each shift to ensure that they are sober and adequately equipped to perform the duties expected of them. Following the inspection parade, each man reports to a duty driver (or supervisor) for further scrutiny to ensure every guard is delivered as required. SUPERVISION: In the …

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In the past, the function of security training was generally restricted to the protection of company property against traditional crimes. Security was seen as irritation, or an ornamental misinformed figure usually incapable of anything outside the simplest of door gazing routines. In recent years the situation has changed dramatically. Our environment is fraught with a …

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